Senior Art Director

Hi, I'm Bad Unicorn!

Actually, I go by John James, but this is my portfolio. It’s just a small collection of some of the projects I’ve worked on over the years. Enjoy!

What I Do.

Design! Plain and simple.
Interactive experiences, online flash ads, and one page sites tend to round out my skill sets, but I’ve been known to draw as well.


Interactive Website


A lot of agencies come to me for pitch work. I specialize in the crazy. Of course I can also dial it back and make it feasible.


I also dabble a little in Photoshop. A few years of training taught me a few tricks to make things go zoom!


You need some Flash or After Effects animation as well? I can do that, too. I’ve been known to animate a mean banner ad or two.


Whether it’s a full on banner campaign or a one page site, I can blow that project out of the water! And quickly, too.

Several of My Clients

“Here are just a few of the agencies and clients that I've had the pleasure of working for throughout my career. They are the reason why I've been able to design some really cool experiences. I'm sure they would be happy to make a referral.”


Branding and Webdesign

John Carter of Mars

Website Concept


Product Website


Interactive Trailer Air App

My Style

Responsive Website Concept

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

DVD Website Concept

Seeking a Friend

Playlist Website Concept


Emmy Site, Banners, Rich Media

Walking Dead

Banner Concepts

more info coming soon

Terminator Salvation

Skynet Air App

more info coming soon

The Brothers Ink

Branding, Website

more info coming soon

Sonic and Mario

Key Art, Packaging, Rich Media

more info coming soon
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Shattered Dimensions


more info coming soon
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Plant a Billion Trees

Logo, Website

more info coming soon
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More Coming Soon!

About Me

My skillsets are honed by drawing from life experiences and exploring design to create concepts and interactions that resonate with a variety of people.

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(213) 595 9406

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